Our Vision


Our Turf

is bounded by Rochester on the North from Laurention Street to North Road, then follows the Lougheed Highway to Coleman Avenue, along Brunette Avenue and back to Laurentian.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission: The Maillardville Residents’ Association builds community and advocates for a safe and healthy neighbourhood through communication, collaborative initiatives and an emphasis on the effectiveness of individual action. We rally local citizens by encouraging careful community planning, fostering a sense of pride in our neighbourhood while celebrating our diverse heritage.

Our Vision: The Maillardville Residents’ Association is recognized as the natural representative of its community where citizens are familiar with local services and neighbours work together for a common outcome. The MRA encourages its members to share its responsibilities and to come forward with opinions, ideas and plans on key issues that impact the livability of the community. The Association is in regular contact with its members and has adequate resources to provide information and activities that build community. We are advocates for positive political leadership while maintaining a stance that is non-partisan and objective. We are Maillardville.

Our Values:

Integrity – we believe a community can only be itself when its members have a feeling of safety and comfort in day-to-day life. We focus on the family nature of our neighbourhood and base our actions on the knowledge that honesty and sincerity bring the best results.

Respect– it is the right of all in our community to participate in discourse and to provide their own perspective on issues that impact us all.

Due Process– we believe in taking a course of action that results in representation of the broadest spectrum of our residents. We achieve our goals in a manner that is fair and equitable. We help others to be personally responsible and to act on local issues through processes available.

Participation – we believe that communities are improved when individuals participate in the processes that impact their lives.

Communication – residents are most effective and able to act individually when they have information that is clear, timely, and objective.

Enjoyment – we believe that residents learn and participate best in their community when they have the opportunity to engage with others in activity that is fun, entertaining and creative.

Who We Are-What We Do

WHO WE ARE: We are a group of residents who are proud of our community of Maillardville and want to help to make it a better and safer place to live. We started the Association in November of 2005. We are a registered Society with a Board of nine Directors. Check out our past minutes.

WHAT WE DO: We bring new information to the group about the various developments in Maillardville, discuss issues that are affecting our neighbourhood and, of course, we always indulge in a little social exchange. Aside from that we have members who sit on a number of important committees including the Task Force for the Revitalization of Maillardville, the Gateway Task Force, the SW Coquitlam Area Plan Committee as well as the Board of Place Maillardville. Some of our projects include helping to organize and participate in the ongoing “Clean Up Maillardville” days, garage sale, and a community Forum on Crime. One of our most important projects is the development and implementation of crime prevention strategies in our community. And we have a great time just getting to know our neighbours!

WHY WE DO ITMaillardville is at a very crucial time in its history. The next few years will see tremendous change in our community. We want to have a voice in what happens to our community and a chance to be involved in the process. We also want to take responsibility for and participate in the life of Maillardville.

WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU? As a registered member of the Maillardville Residents’ Association, you are entitled to come to our meetings, participate in any of our ongoing projects and you will receive by email updates and information about the many exciting developments taking place in our community.

WHAT IT COSTS: It’s free!

Come Join Us! 

Online registration here

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